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    Interactive whiteboards allow you to interact with your computer presentation right at the screen - much like you interact with a blackboard/whiteboard. The district currently has two options for interactive whiteboards:
    1. SmartBoard - interactive touch board that is mounted to the wall.
    2. Wiimote Whiteboard - allows you to create an interactive whiteboard on any surface using an inexpensive Wii Remote. You can use SmartBoard software with Wiimote Whiteboard.
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        Wiimote Whiteboard
        • Website - see video at the bottom of the page.
        • Required equipment:
          • Computer & Projector - projector is optional if you just want to interact with your computer screen.
          • Wii Remote - Wallmart.
          • IR-USB adaptor - Wallmart.
          • Pen or Stick with with an IR light and button. sells IR pens.
          • Software is already installed on all Linux computers in the district: