Render MoodleThe following explains how to render your video and display it on your Moodle website. You may also watch the latter part of the kdenlive tutorial to see how its done.

In Kdenlive

  1. Click Render Render
  2. Destination: Web sites
  3. Set "Output File" name.
    Remember where you save this file and what name you give it because you need to find it again to upload to Moodle.
  4. Choose Moodle format:
    1. Moodle 700k rescale to x360p
      This is default size used when you watch youtube. It is fast downloading and is good for "people" videos.
    2. Moodle 1000k rescale to x480p
      This can be slower downloading but is good for screencasting tutorials.
  5. Check Rescale
  6. Set rescale height to match the Moodle mode above: 360 or 480
    • Note down this number because you need it again in Moodle.
    • NOTE: Don't unlock the aspect ratio button your video will be distorted.
  7. Click: Render to File
  8. Wait for render to finish - go find something else do do - don't waste time watching the progress bar.

In Moodle

  1. Login and go to your course.
  2. Click: Turn Editing On
  3. Click: Add an activity... => Media Player
  4. Give it a Name
  5. Click Choose or upload a file ...
  6. Click Upload a file
  7. Click Browse
  8. Open your render file (Output File Name in kdenlive render)
  9. Click Upload this file.
  10. Click Choose
  11. Appearance - Height: calculate by adding 20 to the height you picked for the Render so it will either be:
    • 380 for the x360p video render
    • 500 for the x480p video render
  12. Click Save and display
Last modified: Wednesday, 20 June 2012, 2:52 PM