Video Standard

Video StandardKdenlive's Configuration Wizard appears the first time you start the program and ask for Video Standard. You should try to match your camera's video format to kdenlive project.

Most camera's also allow for changing it's own default video standard in order to save space.

One easy way to ensure you have the right Video Standard is:

  1. Open the "Places"=>"Home Folder"
  2. Browse to one of your camera's movie clips.
  3. Right click and choose: Properties
  4. Go to "Audio/Video" tab.
  5. Dimensions: width x height
    • Note: x HEIGHT for newer cameras roughly represents 720p or 1080p
  6. Framerate: is the number for frames per second.
  • So for this particular camera the Kdenlive Video Standard will be HD 720p 60fps
  • You can change Kdenlive's default Video Standard under Tools=>Run Config Wizard.
Video Standard 2
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